About Us


We are creating a revolution for the working parent, struggling to do it all...

We are currently employed in executive roles at large corporate companies. We are raising families, have spouses, have parents, have pets, have dreams, and want to be healthy. The current corporate structure is outdated and needs to be revamped.  Gone are the day the gold watch is what we are aspiring too. Current compensation plans and reward programs do not support the change in employee’s needs, wants or desires. There are news articles every day about the need for companies to retain talent, but most of the benefits that are being provided keep the employee on their campus, tied to a desk, doing their work. We want to create a revolution for the working parent. The Mom who is trying to do two jobs and struggling to feel like she isn’t giving enough at work or at home. To the Dad, who in the past has been the bread winner, is now expected to do more at home to try to support his working spouse. We need to get rid of stereo types. This is not a working mom problem, a working dad problem, or a corporation problem. This is a cultural problem that is having great impact on our children, our health, and our happiness. Journey with us as we share what we have learned and seen in the last 20 years of working in corporate America and trying to raise a family. We will tell you how it is, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Notice to the CEO, Founder, and VP of HR. If you can listen to our first person account of what we are seeing, thinking, and feeling about your attempts to instill health and wellness in your companies, then you might, you just might, get ahead of the game and be the most progressive forward thinking entity, where employees are seeking you out!  



Guest Speaking

Bev and Heather inspire and motivate women to define their work vs mom persona and realize that there is enough time to put themselves first and to make the changes that they want to make in their life. They will guide women to step out of their fear and take the steps to find their brave, happiness, abs and themselves.

Find your Brave and empower yourself at one of our Bitches Be Brave retreats.


Join us for a weekend of regaining your Brave! With inspiring speakers and activities that will push you out of your comfort zone, you will leave as one badass brave mama!


Corporate Coaching

Bev and Heather have over 20+ years as corporate executives (each) and they will  help your company create a culture that supports women to be as productive as they can while allowing them to give their best at home and at work. 



Bev and Heather will share their story of finding their Brave and inspire your listeners who feel the they over-stressed, working moms who are going, going, going and getting nowhere. They will guide them on how to find balance and pursue their passion while raising a family and still looking and feeling their best.